Welcome to AJRecruitment

At AJRecruitment, people are our business and we treat every single person the way they should be treated, as without you, we would not be here. Our team of professional consultants build partnerships to ensure our portfolio of people are given the personalised service they deserve, and in return we always strive to find the best opportunities available.

Our team of leading specialists are always looking for the best talent in the marketplace and value being highly networked professionals, who help people achieve their dreams.

For AJRecruitment it is about forming partnerships, and what drives your talent, drives your business and we are always looking for motivated individuals to join our team and become part of AJRecruitment’s family.

Whether you are looking to register for short-term temporary work or are confidentially looking for a new permanent opportunity, please go to the link on our website ‘submit resume’ and submit a copy of your CV with a cover letter.

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